6 Ways Data Science Can Help Society

The more information we can work with, the more problems we can solve. Thanks to data collection and data science, we can help society and make a better world for everyone.

You’ve heard of data science in big business and tech, but maybe not in other fields. In the world of the internet, it makes sense that data and information are vital to companies succeeding or failing. But how does the science of data figure into this? Does data science benefit the rest of society? 

How Data Science Affects Society 

Data science is the process of collecting and analyzing data to extrapolate the more significant trends. This data could be any information input, from every customer review on a particular item to the number of COVID-19 vaccines given across America. When scientists find trends in data, they can report those trends for positive change in the world. 


One of the most significant ways that data affects society is in the healthcare industry. Data science is everywhere in healthcare. Data keeps track of patients, symptoms, visits, and data scientists can take that data and turn it into useful information, such as successful cancer research or a period tracking app. 

In healthcare, data scientists take the information from millions of patients and merge it to look for trends in symptoms and potential cures. The lifestyle suggestions and health tips you get from your doctor are products of data aggregation and research. 

Climate Change 

Data science is vital in the fight against climate change. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, many plans to reduce carbon emissions and increase green energy are dependent on the work of data scientists. Without the ability to process information, positive environmental change can’t happen. 

Satellites are collecting environmental data from Earth, but it’s not enough to have the information. Data science is what takes that information and makes it actionable. With the trends found by data scientists, we can create policies and changes to help save the environment. 

Politics and Government

Politics are also run on data – think of the massive amounts of polling right before an election. Someone has to take that information and make it worthwhile to a candidate. With data science, politicians know how likely they are to succeed and what issues are of utmost importance to their constituents. 

The government uses data science to track its citizens and know the needs of the people. Data science provides accurate information for labor and employment statistics, health and wellness, and poverty rates. These trends help a government decide what policies to promote for the best interest of the country. 


Whether they’re online or brick and mortar, businesses need data science to increase profits and customer satisfaction. Extensive data analysis is a necessary tool for huge websites like Amazon or Google, but data science also helps smaller and locally owned businesses.  

Reviews and ratings provide the data that scientists analyze to discover how a business can increase profits. Supply and demand are economic principles based on data – how much a customer is willing to pay for a product or service and how many items are needed. 

Social Media 

Social media uses data science to track a user’s activity and make suggestions based on their location. Friend suggestions on Facebook and similar accounts on Instagram or TikTok are examples of social media using data to give their users the best experience possible. 

Of course, there’s a lot of misinformation and inappropriate posts on social media as well. Data science helps decrease this with an algorithm that blocks or fact checks specific images. While it’s not perfect, the fact-checking algorithm on Twitter has already helped users fact-check news stories and articles before reposting them. 

The Developing World 

In the developed world, we use data science to improve the structures we already have in place and increase the living quality of our citizens. Why can’t we do the same thing for developing countries? 

Data science is a massive part of ending world blindness by taking the data from eye exams and applying it to a computer program. The program is used to screen eyes all over the world, where ophthalmologists are rare. This effort is not the only one – there are thousands of data-driven programs meant to increase the quality of life worldwide. 

Final Thoughts 

These are only a few of the many ways that data science affects society. The more information we can work with, the more problems we can solve. Thanks to data collection and data science, we can help society and make a better world for everyone. 


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