My Husband Is Not Attracted To Me (13 Powerful Signs)

  If only things were like on the honeymoon again. Your husband used to look at you with desire and kiss you passionately. There was an attraction between the two of you that felt so alive and real. It was magnetic and natural.All you had to do was follow your way to each other. Nowadays? … Continued


If only things were like on the honeymoon again.

Your husband used to look at you with desire and kiss you passionately. There was an attraction between the two of you that felt so alive and real. It was magnetic and natural.

All you had to do was follow your way to each other.


You’re lucky if you get any special attention from him.

It isn’t just the physical that’s missing. That’s only one tiny piece.

You miss the cuddles, the intimacy. The feeling that he’s into you and chooses you. The way his expression makes you feel loved.

All this makes you wonder: is something wrong with me? Is there something he’s not telling me? Is my husband not attracted to me?


All these doubts will only send your mind spinning and make you feel even worse about yourself. This article will put a stop to this by answering one crucial question: what are the 13 signs that my husband is not attracted to me?

How Do I Know If My Husband Is Still Attracted To Me?

Do you have a nagging feeling that he isn’t attracted to you anymore? 

You don’t have to look any further as we’ve already prepared for you the 13 powerful signs that your husband isn’t attracted to you anymore. But promise me one thing:

Don’t overthink this.

Rather than trying to analyze your relationship to death, trust your intuition and gut feeling. If you find yourself yearning to be desired again by your man, there’s probably something to it. Could it be more complicated than just him not being attracted to you?

Yes, most likely. 

But it doesn’t negate the fact that you don’t feel desired. That’s an important feeling to acknowledge.


Because it gives you the power to move forward and really transform your relationship. Knowing that your feelings are valid is the first step in learning how you can tap into your powerful feminine energy- the very same energy that can help you bring back the connection with your man! 

13 Powerful Signs That Your Husband Isn’t Attracted to You Anymore

1. There’s No Sex Anymore


It’s normal that you go through phases of varying degrees of sexual desire. You don’t need to be ripping each other’s clothes off everyday of the week. 

But there’s a difference between having a sex life that’s slowed down a bit and not having sex at all. This is especially true if the topic becomes taboo- meaning you can’t even bring it up. 

Sex plays a really important role in maintaining the connection in a romantic relationship. Without it, you can become mere roommates rather than soulmates. Lack of sexual intimacy is a clear sign that you and your husband are depolarized as a couple.

You’ve become all cozy and comfortable with each other. Being comfortable is nice, but the polarity coming from you and your partner’s opposing masculine and feminine energies dies. Without polarity, the attraction also fades. The intimate and sexy relationship you used to have quickly becomes nothing more than just a relationship between roommates.

n our flagship coaching program, The Cherished Wife, we give you the tools to restore the polarity and re-spark the passion and intimacy you once had. You don’t have to live in a sexless marriage.

You really can have a partner you completely trust. You can be pursued and desired by him like there’s no other woman he would rather have. 

Are you interested in becoming irresistible again to your man? We’ve got a blueprint prepared for you here.

2. He Doesn’t Compliment You Anymore

When you first met, he couldn’t stop looking at you and telling you how incredible you are. He probably was too busy showering you with compliments that would make a goddess jealous. But now?


He barely looks at you and he never ever tells you that you’re the most beautiful being that’s ever walked on this planet. You don’t feel that he really desires you anymore. It may even feel like a chore to him to really acknowledge you. You know that he’d rather be watching some stupid football game than be with you.

That hurts. 

Compliments are a way of showing how much we desire the other person. But it isn’t in the words. You know that. You’ve gotten compliments and they were lukewarm. You know how it feels when there’s real desire behind it. And you want the real deal. Luckily, you can! And no, you don’t need to switch partners for it. But more on that later.


3. He Doesn’t Pursue You

It’s one thing when he gives you a compliment, it’s another when you feel that he wants you so badly that he can’t keep his hands off you. 

He comes home and you can feel his longing for you. This energy is expressed in the way he looks at you, touches you, and talks to you. You can feel that he wants you and he shows it.

This kind of pursuit is filled with passion. He puts thought into his actions and words because he’s trying to impress you and entice you to want to open up to him even further. It’s a beautiful romantic dance you play together.

Is that missing from your relationship? 

Well, it may lose its intensity as you stay together for a long time. But it can become more subtle. He may not be falling all over himself to impress you but he’s still deeply into you. 

He then goes and gives this pull a conscious outlet. Why’s it conscious? Because he’s not drunk on his brain-chemicals anymore that mark the honeymoon phase. But now the desire becomes richer rather than more intense. 

If you find that your husband isn’t doing any of what we’ve described here, then it’s a sign that he’s not attracted to you the way he used to be. But luckily, you really can turn things around.

No, you won’t go back to the honeymoon phase. Instead, you’re going to a much richer and better place with your relationship.


We’ve got the blueprint for you to unlock your inner goddess and become irresistible to your husband. It’s one of the three pillars in the Cherished Wife Program.

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4. He’s Affectionate But Not Intimate

Is your husband all lovey-dovey? 

But he doesn’t take it any further?

Well, that’s an indication that the physical attraction is no longer there. You can have a very emotionally intimate relationship without having physical intimacy. If that’s what you want, then great! There’s no prescribed way of how a relationship has to look like.

But if you’re finding yourself longing for more, if you miss being desired by your man, then don’t settle. You can have deep emotional intimacy and have great sex at the same time. We actually believe that these two things can enhance each other.


Just because you’re getting your suspicion confirmed that your husband isn’t attracted to you anymore doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless. It just means that you’re now in the place to do something with it.

5. He Prefers to Watch Porn Than Have Sex With You

Porn is giving your man stimulus. There’s a new girl every second he can look at. With all this novelty ready at the click of his finger, he can start neglecting you. In a way, he’s trapped trying to get more and more pleasure out of pixels on a screen. 

But porn can never replace what you can get from authentic deep human connection. So even if he’s watching porn right now, there are ways to turn it around. 

Now we do have to say that some couples have been able to kick-start their sex life again through porn. It’s not that porn is all bad, but it does have a tendency to hook people in and can detract from being able to go deeper into exploring what’s there that’s not just nice for the mind.

You see, so many people look at sex as something that’s mind-driven. And yes, there’s a lot of truth to that. Yet, mind-driven sex is nothing compared to soul-driven sex. That’s where it becomes more than a physical activity and really becomes something that nurtures both of you.

6. He Is Easily Bored With You

Attraction is magnetic.

You hold his attention with ease and you can see that he’s enjoying himself being with you. He loves to see how you soak up his presence and his desire for you. 

On the flip side is that he’s totally bored out of his mind when he’s with you. He prefers looking at his phone than you. He’s absent-minded and you know he’s probably at work. Let me be truthful here: I get absorbed in my mind and think of work sometimes too. 


It’s normal. Again, your husband has a lot on his hands. We’re not machines that can just switch off the mind from processing things. Just because he’s absentminded, doesn’t mean that he’s not attracted to you anymore.


But if him being bored of you becomes habitual, that’s when it becomes a sign of him losing his interest in you. Meaning, whenever you spend time together (weekend, evenings, vacations), he’s absent-minded. That’s not a good sign. But if it happens occasionally, when you know that there’s a lot on his plate, it’s normal.


You’ll be better off not reading too much into it than making it into a big deal about you being not good enough for him

7. He Spends More Time Away From Home Than Before

When your man is barely at home anymore, it could be a warning sign that the attraction has faded. Many couples seek refuge in work when their relationship is failing. It could also be that he really loves working and that he’s trying to move his career forward for the benefit of both of you. 

You can find these things out when you learn to have a connected and deep conversation with him. 

Generally speaking, if your man is spending too much of his time away from home and when he does come home, he’d rather do anything except be with you, it could be a clear-cut sign that the attraction isn’t there anymore.

But if he’s the kind who likes to work hard and then play hard, that’s another story. 

8. He Doesn’t Put Any Energy Into The Relationship Anymore

This one is an obvious one:

When your husband is attracted to you, he’s naturally going to pay more attention towards you. To put it simply, men exert a lot of effort and energy into a relationship when the attraction is there.


Just think back to when you were dating. Didn’t he put all his thoughts into new date ideas? Didn’t he think of new gifts and surprises for you?


Because he’s attention was riveted on you. Now, as we’ve said before, being infatuated with someone 24/7 isn’t very sustainable nor practical. That’s why it does need to fade and be replaced with another kind of love. 

But does it mean that you should just stop putting any effort into the relationship?


You start making a conscious effort of showing your love to your partner, not just in words, but most importantly, in your actions. But unfortunately, most people expect that the honeymoon goes on forever. Or they expect that a relationship will just deteriorate. 

Every relationship has its ups and downs.

There’s a phase of adjustment that every couple goes through when certain routines kick in. But that’s not the end of the relationship. It’s the beginning. From here on, you can actually create a relationship that’s better than the honeymoon with:

  • More intimacy
  • More connection
  • Deeper passion

If you find yourself in the spot where your husband isn’t putting any energy into the relationship anymore, there’s hope. You can go from feeling like he doesn’t care to being swept off your feet by him because he’s so in love with you again. 

You don’t need to settle for a relationship where you don’t feel desired anymore. There are specific skills you can learn to reignite the attraction and get him to pursue you again!

Want to know how?

Head over here to find out the secret that makes a lasting marriage keep its spark, passion and love. 

9. He Doesn’t Show You Affection Anymore

You can have affection without attraction and vice versa. But for many couples, affection is a more subtle way to express your attraction to the other person. It’s a different flavor of affection that you wouldn’t give to your best friend.

That’s why we take it as a sign that the lack of affection indicates that he’s not attracted to you anymore. But just to be clear, he could be attracted to you but show it in different ways. That’s why we’ve created this list! 

Because having only one sign that he’s not attracted to you anymore isn’t enough. You do want to have more than one. 

10. You Are Trying to Talk Things Out But Never Get Anywhere

Since when does talking things out have anything to do with attraction?

Well, it doesn’t. Talking things out is often a rational attempt to bring back peace and harmony into the relationship. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But for many couples, trying to talk things out can become the core of the relationship 

The head takes over while the romance and attraction go out the window.


Because attraction and romance isn’t rational. It’s physical and energetic. The mind’s rational attempt is in the opposite direction of that. This is why we put it here as a sign that the attraction isn’t there.


That said, talking it out does have its place and it can bring back more intimacy and even attraction. But when there’s more pain, hurt, and misunderstandings, that’s when you stop looking for resolution.

These things work against the attraction within a relationship. If anything, these can push you away from each other in an attempt to protect yourself.

By learning the key conflict resolution skills that we teach in the Cherished Wife Program, you don’t have to let the problems pile up over time and stay  resolved.

You can have a harmonious love with your soulmate when you know how to effectively work out your differences and problems in the relationship. Click here to join the waiting list so you don’t have to be stuck on the same issues anymore. 

11. He’s Flirting With Other Women And Not You 

It’s a myth that once a man is married, he loses all interest and attraction in other women. This might feel unsettling for you but it’s the nature of being human.

As long as he is committed to you and your relationship, there’s nothing wrong with him flirting with other women. Sometimes we confuse commitment with attraction. His physical or hormonal reactions to other people isn’t necessarily in his or your control.

We all will be attracted to other people outside of the relationship. Attraction is just energy and his flirtations can be the fuel to bring that energy back into the relationship. As long as he’s totally committed to you, we don’t see a problem with it. 

But we do find it problematic when he’s giving other women attention that you don’t get. Meaning, the energy stays outside of the relationship. He doesn’t bring you the same level of attention and charm. That’s problematic.


Because he’s associating a low vibe with you that doesn’t bring out his charming self. That’s why we see this as a good indication that he’s not attracted to you anymore. 

12. He’s Fighting With You All The Time 

Can you fight and still remain attracted to one another?


But you’re most likely here because you don’t feel like there’s attraction anymore. If you find yourself fighting all the time and nothing’s happening in the bedroom, then there’s something not right. 

We actually believe that fighting is unhealthy. It’s usually a dysfunctional way of handling conflict which leads to more hurt.

When you’re hurt, you close off your heart. When it comes to intimacy, you don’t get attraction with a closed heart. 

Well, you might still get physical attraction but it’ll be empty. So how can you get back the meaningful intimacy that brings both of you closer together?

We cover this in The Cherished Wife Program. In one of the three pillars, we teach you how to ‘unleash your inner goddess.’ It shows you how you can become 10x more attractive to your husband without changing your appearance.


People don’t realize that attraction really is an energetic thing rather than a physical one. We’ll give you the keys to unlock your inner goddess so that he can’t get enough of you anymore! Are you ready for him to chase you again? Head over here now.

13. He Doesn’t React to Your Advances or Even Pushes You Away 

Have you put on your sexiest lingerie just to be turned down by him or, even worse, ignored?

If he keeps rejecting you despite your effort to seduce him in all ways possible, then it’s probably a sign that your husband no longer finds you attractive.  Why probably? Because seduction is an art; not being able to turn him on could also be a sign that you’ve not quite mastered it yet.

It takes some time to learn the subtleties and find out what gets him going. Sometimes women can accidentally make their husbands feel pressured, which then backfires and leads to less attraction.


As you learned from our thirteen signs of whether your husband is still attracted to you, intimacy is a way bigger topic than the physical. How you two communicate or fight can challenge your connection. The priorities you hold in other areas in your life can also impact your attraction.


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